Non-Profit Acquisitions and Affiliations

Synergy and systemization are increasing facts of life for institutions as the pace of technology and the need for growth outpace institutional capacity. More and more institutions are looking to partner, acquire, or affiliate to stay relevant, improve program portfolios, and expand their geographic reach.

The role of the Board in this process is critical, as is the involvement of key stakeholders in evaluating the potential of any acquisition or affiliation. The following questions can help a Board work with management to engage in the strategic vision and evaluation of a merger.

Questions for the Board

Do we have the right level of management capacity?

It is critical that management share with the board its capacity to expand into additional markets; and it is critical that the board engage in critical reflection of the capability of the CEO/President to take on the additional duties of a larger organization.

  • What is the management capacity to take on an integration process and what staffing resources will be deployed to ensure successful integration?


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