Data-Driven Admissions Outreach

Faced with limited resources and strong competition, schools need to strategically target their marketing and recruitment efforts. What better way than to visually see which places yield the most students with the least amount of resources?

Admissions Dashboard

UNIV Solutions created this dashboard to help univeristy admissions teams better understand where prospective students are coming from; and on average, how much adviser interaction is required and how long does it take for a prospective student to become a deposited student.

Further dividing the dashboard by quadrants, the admissions team can quickly see which states/provinces/territories are yielding new students with less time and less number of adviser interaction -- both of which cost valuable resources in the overall outreach effort!

But we won't bore you with words, so go ahead and try out the dashboard yourself here:

Tell us what you think, and better yet, how we can help you improve your admissions process!